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Upcoming races:

Sleepy Hollow: Jan. 11th, 1pm.

County Line Speedway: 2015



Lubbock Karting Association

Welcome to the official LKA website.




Our asphalt sprint track, formed in 1980, is Sleepy Hollow Raceway. It is one half mile long and located at the east end of the property. It hosts at least one race EVERY month of the year.


Our dirt track, known as County Line Speedway is a 1/8 mile dirt oval and was built in the year 2000 and hosts multiple races from April through October.


Just a bit of information about us:

Our club is dedicated to promoting a good family experience. We DO NOT WELCOME OR ENCOURAGE ROUGH DRIVING in any of our classes or tracks. We attempt to promote young driver talent and welcome all racers who also hold our values. We also try to help young drivers learn respect for others (on and off the track), and hope this transfers into their daily lives before and beyond when they get their drivers license.



Check out the google map under the contact tab to see both tracks.

Browse our website to find out more, or just send us an email (under the "contact us" tab) and we'll get back to you if you want more information. You can add your email under the newsletter tab and stay on top of what's going on at both tracks.